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494 West 39th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. Canada V5Y 2P7

(Below Starbucks @ 39th & Cambie, entrance located on 39th Ave.)

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New Kids Class Introduced!

*Starting at 4 years old!

Mon  &  Wed: 4:00-4:40PM

Tae Kwon Do

Vancouver Martial Arts offers a unique program devised from the most effective Martial Arts styles, including Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Grappling.

Our belt system follows the World Taekwondo Federation rankings. Starting from white belt and continues with yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, brown, red and eventually Black Belt which is Vancouver Martial Arts' highest award

Our program will have you flying off your feet and whizzing away with your arms, and through it you will learn:

  • Kicking & Jumping Combinations
  • Hand Strikes, Throws & Grappling
  • Sparring & Competition Techniques
  • Weaponry
  • Dragon Kicks - advanced students
  • Dragon Hands - advanced students
Vancouver Martial Arts - Master Alan Azizi

Strength & Fitness

Tae Kwon Do Conditioning - If you are looking to get fit, lose weight or become stronger, we strongly recommend you consider joining our class - it is hard to compare the conditioning you will undertake here with anything you can get out of a gym program.

Personal Development - Students also are tasked with developing their emotional and spiritual well being - care is a serious commitment at Vancouver Martial Arts, and as you progress and attain different coloured belts, those belts reflect not only you in your physical skill, but is also a testament to your emotional control, your leadership, and your maturity and dedication to the discipline and our school.

Whilst your mastery will begin with taekwondo, you will be exposed to techniques borrowing from: Kickboxing, Kuk Sool WonKung Fu, Hapkido, Jiu Jitsu, Judo

Vancouver Martial Arts complements those not only pursuing taekwondo, but also those focused on self-defense, competition techniques, and general fitness. As such, Master Azizi incorporates training that focuses on the needs of his students for all situations they may find themselves in, both in and out of the dojo.

Vancouver Martial Arts - Master Alan Azizi

Family Testimonials & Reviews

"We enrolled our son at Vancouver Martial Arts in October 2012 at the age of 6. He was born extremely premature at 25 wks and weighing only 1lb 3oz. Due to his prematurity, he had some delay with his core strength, balance, and gross and fine motor skills. We were given advice to consider gymnastics, swimming and martial arts by his medical team to help him develop to his full potential. Our son's experience at Vancouver Martial Arts is that it has surely helped him improve and further develop strength, balance, and his coordination. He has made many friendships in class with classmates as well as his instructors and never wants to miss a class! In addition to the physical benefits he has also benefited from an increase in self confidence. He is motivated by the incentives to receive leadership roles and enjoys being challenged as he aspires to move up to each new belt. We also appreciate Master Azizi's positive attitude and the interest he takes in getting to know each child. It has been a very positive experience for all of us and we are happy to recommend Vancouver Martial Arts to others."

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Kids Program

This program is more than just martial arts, and aims to develop in your child:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Good Habits
  • Self Control
  • Discipline and Respect
  • Conflict Avoidance
  • Stranger Alertness
  • Rules of Safety
  • Trust in their Intuition

Adult Program

Whether you were a previous student, or are starting for the first time, our adult class extends on our core principles to develop in you:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Mental Clarity
  • Self Defense
  • Situational Awareness
  • Leadership Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Discipline and Respect

Adult Class Reviews

"I don't ever remember a time where I would walk into Vancouver Martial Arts without coming out more than satisfied, more inspired and more driven than ever. I have never known that many people (and more than just their name) in one place before, never known a teacher who cares about our well-being, never known people who are willing to teach me more than just the patterns."

All Vancouver Martial Arts Poom/Dan Graduates are recognized by The World Taekwondo Federation and have Worldwide recognition

Vancouver Martial Arts - 494 West 39th Avenue (Below Starbucks), Vancouver British Columbia  (604) 321-3454
Master Alan Azizi -

Please feel free to email us or come by to see how your life can be changed using our Martial Arts teachings.