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Vancouver Martial Arts is an internationally recognized martial arts school, dedicated to the enhancement of quality of life through a unique fitness program and the wisdom of martial arts. We are an established martial arts academy, started our operation in 1980. We have been bringing purposeful fitness to people's lives for over a quarter of a century. Vancouver Martial Arts is dedicated to helping individuals discover their full potential. Our unique atmosphere is designed to promote a positive outlook, celebrate human achievement and inspire excellence in your life! This is what our members have to say about our program:


Since joining Vancouver Martial Arts about a year ago, I have seen my fitness improve drastically, which has resulted in the loss of more than 20 pounds. I still recall the first few lessons where I was struggling with the pace of the class and had to ask for additional breaks. Not only have I seen my physical health improve, Vancouver Martial Arts also provides an optimal environment for relieving stress and letting loose after a long day at school, allowing me to head forward into the next day with a clearer mindset. Vancouver Martial Arts also allows me to develop leadership skills which are not only important in martial arts, but also essential in school and in the workplace.

Vancouver Martial Arts offers a unique curriculum where students can learn kickboxing, weapons and foot patterns along with the traditional tae kwon do curriculum. Under the guidance of Master Aziz and the friendly and approachable instructors, Vancouver Martial Arts is definitely the place to be in to train in martial arts.

- Ying Qiu (Johnny)

I don't ever remember a time where I would walk into Vancouver Martial Arts without coming out more than satisfied, more inspired and more driven than ever. I have never known that many people (and more than just their name) in one place before, never known a teacher who cares about our well-being, never known people who are willing to teach me more than just the patterns.

- Melline Jaini(Mell)

Attending Vancouver Martial Arts Martial Arts has unquestionably been the most valuable extra-curricular activity I have enrolled my son in. I believe that the curriculum of mediation, focus, goal setting, and achievement that martial arts offers has benefited my son very much in preparation for kindergarten. Sitting still and listening is such an important prerequisite to school, life and learning. After three years martial arts continues to benefit my son's athleticism, his attitude, and his grades.

- Hamish Beckett

For me, getting my black belt at Vancouver Martial Arts is a personal triumph. It symbolises a sort of "coming of age" ceremony that, regrettably, many young people miss out in their lives. Just as I must begin my own life as an adult, so does a black belt represent a step into adulthood in the world of martial arts.

- Alexey Eskin

When we say "greatest ever", you can't help but feel that Vancouver Martial Arts has made a lasting impression on you. You have poured sweat, energy, and heart in here and no matter where you are in the future, the gift of martial arts that Vancouver Martial Arts gave you will never be forgotten. For me personally, it has enabled me to become a better figure skater, a better teacher and most importantly, a better person. I am truly honoured to be considered a dragon.

- Kailea Wong

Because of Vancouver Martial Arts, I knew that I could do it, or at least I could try hard. And I came to realise that Vancouver Martial Arts hadn't really created a new me. It had only magnified the things that were already there and had brought out my better qualities.

- Joshua Kamin

The atmosphere at Vancouver Martial Arts I know has had a large effect on my personality. With the guidance of Master Azizi and support from the rest of my fellow dragons, I have eliminated the word impossible.

- Jordan Wilson

Vancouver Martial Arts became a place where I could forget my thoughts and the stresses of work and school to focus on self-improvement.

- Rebecca Helsel

Martial Arts are in my life and my black belt status at Vancouver Martial Arts is just the beginning. My life has been altered as a result of Vancouver Martial Arts. With a Vancouver Martial Arts black belt, I would start to call myself a martial artist. I would in honor of receiving my Vancouver Martial Arts black belt. With this honor, I would encourage people to not only chase their dreams but to live their dreams.

- William Ma

The skills I have learned through Vancouver Martial Arts are not just applicable to the Temple, but in daily life as well. Though at times it is hard to attend classes due to school, commitments and work, the training and skills that one has acquired as a student of Vancouver Martial Arts are useful to tackle life's various circumstances and only makes one realise how valuable those classes are. Every class is spiritedly led by Master Arsalan Azizi, whose passion for martial arts and for his students shows in both his actions and words. He manages to bring out the best in people and encourages each of his students to achieve their goals.

- Kelvin Ong

The day I began my training here I realised that this place was something special. The positive atmosphere and the willingness of the students to help and encourage each other was not something I normally see in day to day life. The encouragement of my fellow students has helped me to overcome many challenges. I know that I might have not come very far in martial arts without their support and I look forward to facing the challenges of achieving black belt status with them.

- Keith Ong

Martial Arts are not a frightening strategy but rather a positive way of facing your life. Through practising martial arts in Vancouver Martial Arts, ultimately you will not only learn the methods of self-defence, but lead your life into another aspect. Passion. Kindness.Prowess..

- Lucia Wong

I can safely say that joining Vancouver Martial Arts is the best thing I have ever done in my life. I have never gotten more out of anything else in the world. This place feels like a second home to me. I recommend to anybody starting or thinking of starting Tae Kwon Do here to take the initiative and do it. The rewards are unbelievable, and I would definitely start the journey to black belt all over again because it was so worth it.

- Ryan Taylor

Practicing at Vancouver Martial Arts has helped me in many areas, but most noticeably it has helped with my school work. It has taught me that focus is essential to success, that it is important to keep my mind on the present, on the task on hand. I have also learned not to be hasty; to take my time and to be patient.

- Ben Richards

I believe that Vancouver Martial Arts has seriously influenced my life in a positive manner. Without Vancouver Martial Arts, I do not even want to imagine where I'd be. I believe that the lessons taught here at Vancouver Martial Arts are not only of martial arts, but of life. The most important and basic of all is positive attitude. A positive attitude has got me where I am today.

- Arthur Lo

Vancouver Martial Arts has helped me more than words can express. Since joining in January 2007, I have lost 40 lbs (mostly within the 1st 6 months). Today, I live a healthier, more meaningful life. I give to others before self and feel I have become a more compassionate being. I have succeeded in my career as well receiving several promotions and bonuses as I strive for excellence in every aspect of my life. Vancouver Martial Arts has changed my life in ways that I never thought possible.

- Gavy Gosal

The atmosphere at Vancouver Martial Arts is filled with happiness, and positive attitude and that is what makes it so much more enjoyable and easier to learn new things. The Vancouver Martial Arts is a place where you can rid yourself of all problems, stresses and issues of everyday life.

-Navdeep Sandhu

When I walk into the Vancouver Martial Arts, I'm amazed by what I see because people of all ages and different backgrounds come together to train at Vancouver Martial Arts. I see elderly people move and jump like teenagers. This is because Master welcomes everyone to come share in his philosophy that all individuals can reach for higher goals in life. Through martial arts, one develops a positive outlook and learns to inspire excellence in life.

- Jonross Fong

What I have learnt from Vancouver Martial Arts and the people I've met within have helped shape my attitude, reinforced my goals, and have guided me in life.

- Vanessa Ko

Because of Vancouver Martial Arts, my business was starting to do better, I was thinking more positively, I was allowing new people in my life and seeing the good things in them instead of the bad things, and even being a more patient driver!

- Camille Naylor

Vancouver Martial Arts provides a chance to calm down after a hard day at work or at school, and to have fun practicing martial arts. It is through this sense of fun that the lessons of motivation and attitude are learned. We train with a sense of fun, we learn, and we test our limits. Vancouver Martial Arts is both a school and a proving ground, and I am proud to be part of it.

- Benjamin Richards

While training at Vancouver Martial Arts, I am impressed by many of the students both younger and older than I am. Everyone has different backgrounds and strengths, but we all enjoy training together and learning from each other. For those who are younger than me, I was impressed by the discipline, determination, and level of focus that they have achieved at such a young age. For those who are older than me, I am impressed by the determination and physical abilities they have achieved at their age. A lot of my motivation for overcoming obstacles (one at a time) in my training comes from these people whom I train with. You can do martial arts at any age. The important thing is to have the attitude to achieve your personal best. Master often emphasized these principles of martial arts; these principles are translatable to other aspect of my life.

- Gloria Jang

From Vancouver Martial Arts and through the trainings, I have met many friends of various ages and backgrounds. You would find it very interesting if you really think about it. Outside the Vancouver we all have our own lives. Some of us are students, engineers, nurses, teachers, business owners and so on. However here in the temple, we are all the same, we are all martial artists, and members of a big family. Martial arts to me is also about gaining more spirit and persistence. One more thing I discovered from learning martial arts is that there is actually no limit to our potentials; in other words, there's no such thing as maximum potential, but rather, there are unlimited possibilities.

- Jessica lam

I joined Vancouver Martial Arts and I never looked back. It's been a fantastic experience. I'm doing things now that I never imagined being involved in my 50's. I've learned how to push my body while listening to it. I was into working out in the gym before, but after doing this work, I am much more agile, and have a better sense of balance that I had before. I am fitter and stronger. But these are minor things compared to the shift in attitude I have experienced as a result of participation in Vancouver Martial Arts. Most importantly Master has helped me to see my limitations as being malleable. I can work with them and shift things and get around problems and eventually perform at a higher level than I imagined possible. I'm interested in how a middle aged body develops athletically, and how the mind and nervous system change in response to training. Master's understanding of body musculature and physical dynamics have provided a framework for me to learn about my own body and how it responds to various kinds of conditioning.

- Gordon Richards

I dedicate my black belt to Master Azizi, because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be where I am today in Vancouver Martial Arts and in life. He is like a role model for me, the commitment and loyalty he shows towards the Vancouver Martial Arts and his students is matchless. Besides being our Master he is also our friend. I don't think there has been even one day that he has been absent from class, and if he has it is for the welfare of the Vancouver Martial Arts and it's students. Throughout the years I have known him, I have learned that commitment is an important part of life, because it shows people that you are disciplined and will make sure that you are always there for them. My Master has always been there for me, he pushes me to do better.

- Manpreet Narwal

What first struck me when I started with Vancouver Martial Arts was how nice the other students were. In particular, those of higher rank. It seemed a little paradoxical to me at the time that the more lethal you were, the more gentle and caring the individual. Now, of course, it makes sense. In the past five years, I've learned a lot by training with these individuals, a great deal of it having to do with being a better person in all aspects of my life, and I've come to consider many of them as family. The level of support and commitment shown by Master and my fellow students to learning Martial Arts and in developing these life skills in other people is absolutely incredible. I've come to realize that the martial arts not about physical fitness but about doing battle with one's own limitations - be they limitations of body, mind or spirit. These are the ones' real opponents. Ultimately we strive to know no limits. Thank you Master for showing us a way to achieve this and for constantly believing that we can be far more and far greater than we are.

- Jason Brown

I have been [practicing Martial Arts for almost seven years, and as the time has passed, Vancouver Martial Arts has become my second home. I have practically grown up at Vancouver Martial Arts and have cherished all these years of practice. It has become a place where all my stresses are removed. I remember experiencing one of those awful days when nothing seemed to go right. School had been awful that day and I had Martial Arts class that evening. I had decided that I would go to class, do the workout, and go home. However, when I arrived at Vancouver Martial Arts, the atmosphere completely turned me around. At the Vancouver Martial Artseveryone is incredibly thoughtful and encouraging, and there is always a cheerful vibe in the atmosphere. Nearing the end of that day's class, I had realized that all the agitation that was held in me that day had vanished.

- Dalvin Narwal

I will never forget the day that one of the students of Vancouver Martial Arts approached me at work and started to tell me about the positives of Vancouver Martial Arts and encouraging me to join. That day was a turning point in my life. I showed up for a trial class and have never looked back. Now about a year after I joined, I feel that my entire attitude towards life improved dramatically because of Vancouver Martial Arts's beliefs and philosophy. I now that the sky is the limit if you put your heart in pursuing your goal. That is what Vancouver Martial Arts brought into my life.

- Chris Lehmann

Our Master wonderfully sets expectations for us beyond what we start out believing what we can do, then shows us that they can actually be attained. He teaches us that our limits are in our minds, and that learning Martial Arts is not about kicks and punches alone, but also about finding the best in yourself.

- David Kauffman

Within a month of joining Vancouver Martial Arts I knew I found something that I loved, and wouldn't give it up for the life of me. Master made the Vancouver Martial Arts feel like it was my home away from home, and the things I began to learn were amazing.

- Sean Walsh

I receive so much from Vancouver Martial Arts that I always hunger for more. Being at Vancouver Martial Arts has always kept my interests up. I love the technique and the style of Vancouver Martial Arts. I like the discipline that we practice, because it makes me more disciplined at other things in life. Vancouver Martial Arts makes me feel complete.

- Aaron Jang

Vancouver Martial Arts is dynamic. The completion of each class brings a feeling of self-improvement, which is built not only by the instruction of our Master, but also through the encouragement of its members.

- Algis Rudaitis

Vancouver Martial Arts is a place where I see love & encouragement. I believe that Vancouver Martial Arts brings out the best in everyone.

- Beverly Ng

Vancouver Martial Arts has given me something so special that I never knew I had, from mental to physical. Master's wisdom never ceases to exist. Vancouver Martial Arts truly has the strength, power and heart of a Dragon.

- Gregory Ko

I am extremely glad that I joined Vancouver Martial Arts at the age I did because it has provided me with determination and perseverance at a time when it was crucial. Around that time, I was beginning to engage with bigger atmospheres, such as high school and was facing many obstacles. Vancouver Martial Arts has also given me self-confidence which I need it the most, through life's turbulent challenges. Vancouver Martial Arts continues to enrich my life and many others also. Vancouver Martial Arts positive philosophy now flourishes within me, making my life much more meaningful.

- Andrea Sandoval

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