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Mon  &  Wed: 4:00-4:40PM

Instructors - Gordon RIchards - Vancouver Martial Arts

Name: Gordon Richards


Years in Martial Arts: 5 years


Interests: Joints. Right now, I have to figure out how the get the best out of my knees. Last year it was my hips. I'm interested in how a middle aged body develops athletically, and how the mind and nervous system change in response to training.


What can Martial Arts bring to people’s lives? It has to do with going a bit beyond what people will normally try to do. The belt levels provide a simple and immediate reinforcing motivation for a student to continue to make progress. The requirements for lower belts are simple and accessible to everyone. By the time a student gets used to this they're doing some jump kicks, and becoming involved in the dynamics of sparring. For most people this is beyond anything they would otherwise be involved with in their lives. At the senior belt levels, and particularly black belt and higher, students confront the limitations of their bodies, their agility, and their strength. The challenges play out differently for each individual. Its like a puzzle that has a different solution for each student, and in each case, the student has to find the resolve and develop the skill to get past their limitations. If they can do this in Taekwondo, they can do it in all aspects of their life.

How has Martial Arts helped you? I'm doing things now that I never imagined being involved with in my 50's. I've learned how to push my body while listening to it. I was into working out in the gym before, but after doing this work, I am much more agile, and have a better sense of balance than I had before. I am fitter and stronger. Most importantly I have learned to see my limitations as being malleable. I can work with them and shift things and get around problems and eventually perform at a higher level than I imagined possible.

Vancouver Martial Arts - 494 West 39th Avenue (Below Starbucks), Vancouver British Columbia  (604) 321-3454
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