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494 West 39th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. Canada V5Y 2P7

(Below Starbucks @ 39th & Cambie, entrance located on 39th Ave.)

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New Kids Class Introduced!

*Starting at 4 years old!

Mon  &  Wed: 4:00-4:40PM

Instructors - Vancouver Martial Arts

Make the dream of a Black Belt a reality!

Vancouver Martial Arts - Master Alan Azizi Vancouver Martial Arts - Master Alan Azizi Vancouver Martial Arts - Master Alan Azizi

Vancouver Martial Arts offers a unique program devised from the most effective Martial Arts styles, including Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Grappling.

Starting with an emphasis on Taekwondo, you will begin training in kicking and jumping, learning the style's combinations and the unique footwork patterns that are noted for making Tae KwonDo one of the most spectacular and effective martial arts today - not to mention it will have you flying off your feet, providing a great workout.

As your agility and strength progresses, you will begin training in devastating hand strikes, grappling, throws and sparring strategies - these being based in Kung Fu, Judo and Jui Jitsu. At Vancouver Martial Arts, we go beyond taekwondo in certain training aspects, particularly for sparring and self-defense, so that students may use these different avenues to develop strategies that work for them, whether it be for sparring in the ring or self defense on the road.

Complementing your physical training, students are engaged in gymnastics and cardio exercises for warm-up, and as you progress, you will have the option to start weapons training, provided you have attained the mandatory skill levels. Students also are tasked with developing their emotional and spiritual well being - care is a serious commitment at Vancouver Martial Arts, and as you progress and attain different coloured belts, those belts reflect not only you in your physical skill, but is also a testament to your emotional control, your leadership, and your maturity and dedication to the discipline and our school.

For those students who do start weapons training - there are different weapon patterns for each belt: Pattern 1 through Pattern 5, each increasing in complexity and difficulty as your progress. At the most advanced levels of training, Master Azizi starts one-on-one teaching of the Dragon Kick techniques - these are regarded as the ultimate forms in the art of kicking. In addition to individual forms, you will be taught Dragon Kick Patterns. When you are able to perform these techniques proficiently, you will then be introduced to the most advanced hand techniques and the Dragon Hands patterns. Ultimately we wish for all students to attain this level in the discipline, as Dragon Kicks, Dragon Hands and Weaponry are the highlights of this style which make it the unique art it is.

Advanced Students - during the course of the curriculum, you will have the opportunity to learn grappling techniques from Judo, Hapkido, Kuk Sul Won and Jiu-Jitsu.

Parents - we strongly believe in the overall development of your child(ren), and we encourage all kids to step up when offered and lead parts of the warm up etc. so that they may develop leadership skills, learn how to command an audience, speak with authority and in general, boost their self-confidence. At Vancouver Martial Arts, opportunities exist for those who are interested in making martial arts an extensions of their lifestyle to learn to lead and to train others in the disciplines we cover.

We believe that the curriculum we have developed based on the Martial Arts of Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Kickboxing and Grappling provides and outstanding program for those looking for martial arts training, self-defense training, or even fitness training, and we encourage you to come to our training centre and make use of a free class so that you can experience for yourself the training that we offer.

Our belt system follows the World Taekwondo Federation rankings. Starting from white belt and continues with yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, brown, red and eventually Black belt which is Vancouver Martial Arts' highest award.